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Answers to Your Common Questions

Hiring a professional moderator can greatly enhance the success of your event. A skilled moderator brings expertise in facilitating discussions, managing time effectively, and ensuring all participants have an opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas. This can lead to a more productive and engaging experience for attendees and help you achieve your desired outcome.

As a professional moderator/MC service, we can offer additional support such as pre-event preparation, assistance with your event flow, speaker guidance, and post-event debriefs to ensure a seamless and successful event.

Let us elevate your event to the next level and ensure its success through professional moderation.

What is a professional moderator, and when would you need one?

A professional moderator is someone you pay to lead your event or discussion expertly. Their work involves preparing with you and your team and facilitating virtually or in person. Book a professional moderator whenever you’re organizing an event you would like to be dynamic, beautifully managed, and have a lasting impact.


Where are your moderators based?

We have moderators based in North America, Africa, Europe, and Australia.


Do you have a rate sheet?

As every event is unique, we do not have a rate sheet. Please contact Moderate The Panel for a free consultation. We’ll send you a client booking form, schedule a brief meeting to discuss your moderating needs, and send you a booking quote.


Can the moderator provide additional event support, such as introductions for speakers, panels, and open/closing ceremonies?

Moderate The Panel professionals can moderate and MC at the same event. When you book a moderator, we will discuss all the support you need and include it in the service.


Does the moderator have a portfolio or video samples of their work?

Yes, once we have discussed your event, we will recommend moderators for you to consider. The shortlist will include video samples and biographies.


Can the moderator customize their approach to fit the event's specific needs and theme?

Absolutely! We’ll discuss with you the tone you want to set and the atmosphere you would like to create. Your moderator will then prepare to moderate in a style that suits your specific needs and theme.


Is the moderator willing to meet with event organizers prior to the event?

Meeting event organizers ahead of the event, either in-person or virtually, is all part of our service.


How does the moderator handle audience participation and Q&A sessions?

Many of our professionals are also experienced journalists and broadcasters, so they’re experts at managing audience engagement. Your moderator will discuss with you how you would like to involve your audience and then make a plan.


Does the moderator have experience with in-person, virtual, or hybrid events?

All our professionals can moderate in-person, virtual and hybrid events.


Can I connect with the moderator on your website directly?

Please contact Moderate The Panel via to discuss your moderating needs rather than reaching out to our professionals via the website. Once the booking is confirmed, we will connect you directly with your moderator.


Can the moderator provide a script or outline for the event?

Most event organizers have a good idea of how they would like to structure their events. If you would like additional help with formatting or scripting, please let us know during the free consultation call.


Can the moderator provide emcee services in multiple languages?

Currently, Moderate The Panel MCs can facilitate in a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

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