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Are Manels Dead Yet?

You may have heard the term before “manel.” A manel is a panel or discussion group composed entirely of men. The term brings awareness to events or organizations with no gender diversity among their moderators, speakers, MCs, or panelists. Manels perpetuate gender inequality and exclude the perspectives and experiences of women and other marginalized groups. In 2023 we’re on a mission to retire manels. Please join us in committing manelcide. It’s time.

Here are a few ways to diversify conference panels and events:

  1. Consider the demographics of the attendees: Make sure that the panels and events reflect the diversity of the conference attendees. This could mean having a mix of people from different backgrounds, industries, and experiences.

  2. Seek out diverse moderators and speakers: Look for moderators and speakers who come from underrepresented groups, such as women, people of color, and people with disabilities. You can also consider people with diverse perspectives and experiences, such as those who work in different industries or have different life experiences.

  3. Have a diverse planning committee: Consider forming a planning committee that represents a range of perspectives and backgrounds. This can help ensure that diverse perspectives are considered when planning events and panels.

  4. Encourage open and respectful dialogue: Ensure the conference is a safe and welcoming space for all attendees, and encourage open and respectful dialogue between moderators, speakers, and attendees.

  5. Consider the needs of attendees with disabilities: Make sure the conference is accessible to attendees with disabilities, and consider their needs when planning events and panels. This could include providing live captions, offering sign language interpretation, or providing materials in alternative formats.

  6. Provide diversity and inclusion training: Consider providing diversity and inclusion training for speakers and attendees to help create a more inclusive and respectful conference environment.

As you prepare for the next event, look at your lineup and check to see if it’s diverse. If not, reach out to people you know and find the appropriate moderators and speakers. By following these steps, you can help ensure that your conference is diverse and inclusive and reflects the needs and interests of a wide range of attendees.

Moderate The Panel is an all-women moderating company. We focus on diversity and work with companies all over the world. We can help diversify your next event.

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