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Do I need a moderator or an MC for my event?

You may need to consider booking a professional MC or moderator when setting up an event.

What’s the difference between an MC and a moderator?

An MC is like an orchestra conductor, ensuring all the elements come in at the right time and don’t last longer than planned. The MC will prepare for an event in advance, study the program content, plan transitions and devise ways to keep the audience involved and interested.

MCs set the tone of an event or conference, lead the opening and closing remarks, connect and introduce the program elements, share key themes and keep the audience energized and engaged.

A great moderator is like the best teacher you’ve ever had. They are knowledgeable, charismatic, passionate, and care deeply about getting the most from panelists, speakers, and the audience. The moderator leads panel discussions and Q&A segments and may interview keynote speakers and guide fireside chats.

Moderators prepare for an event well ahead of time. They research the discussion themes, plot the flow of the session, and connect with speakers before the session to brief them. Once the discussion starts, the moderator’s primary role is to keep the conversation flowing and the session on the topic.

Moderators and MCs complement each other, often work together, and their roles can also be combined and undertaken by the same person.

Final thoughts

Setting up a conference takes a lot of work. A professional MC and professional moderators help events to run smoothly. Ensure maximum audience appreciation by including professional moderators or an MC in your event planning strategy.

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