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Duties of Diversity Based Event Moderators

The moderator plays a vital role in delivering a successful event or panel. The individuals who agree to serve as moderators must understand their responsibilities fully. Vetting the right person can make or break your event. Review the credentials of the moderator and discuss their background, events they have moderated, and their thoughts on the event you are considering them for. Each moderator brings their unique knowledge and experience on how to run an event.

Establish if you need the moderator for the entire event, for a panel, or if you would like them to perform any MC duties like preparing opening and closing remarks and announcing program transitions.

Moderator duties:

· Prepares for the event ahead of time so the discussion flows and the moderator is ready with questions for the speakers or panelists

· Knows the session topics and understands the overall event

· Briefs speakers

· A moderator will announce how long the program will last and is the event timekeeper

· Introduces the subject to be discussed in general terms and sets the scene

· Draws out information from speakers and encourages conversation by asking questions or inviting the audience to engage in the session

· Keeps track of what each panelist is saying and facilitates debate and discussion

After reading this checklist, it’s tempting to think that anyone can moderate. It’s true. Anyone can moderate, but talented, skilled professionals will moderate well. Of course, paying for a moderator doesn’t mean they’ll be good. Ask colleagues for recommendations and the moderator for video clips and references.

A professional moderator, selected wisely, will guarantee your event flows smoothly, and the audience will come away having had an enjoyable, positive experience.

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