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Relaxed, Candid, Fair And Balanced Fionnuala Sweeney

Updated: Mar 10, 2018

"During her time in Washington, DC, Fionnuala Sweeney moderated several speaker events as part of a year-long programme our organization held in partnership with the Embassy of Ireland to commemorate the Centenary of the Easter Rising of 1916.
The interviewees were relaxed and forthcoming under her questioning and were comfortable with a level of candor that I would not expect with a less experienced moderator.
Fionnuala achieved the remarkable balance of making our guests open up quite forthrightly without leaving them regretting they had done so. She handles her subjects with courtesy and respect and they, in turn, are less guarded or reserved than might be anticipated.
She was widely recognized by our audiences from her successful broadcasting career and they were delighted with her questions which were very balanced and cleverly nuanced to her particular subjects and interviewees. Her range of journalistic experience gives her a great breadth of knowledge in current affairs, business and politics and she is extremely quick to brief herself in any subject."

Isobel Murray, Chair, Irish Network DC

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