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Professional moderators help you plan your panel and bring out the best from the panelists. They make the session engaging and keep it running on time.

In-Person and Virtual Event Facilitators

Skilled facilitators keep your entire event flowing smoothly from beginning to end. They link all the elements together, including introducing panels and speakers. Most importantly they set the mood, keep positive energy in the room and deal with any mishaps or last-minute changes in a discreet manner.


Professional MCs do everything that event facilitators do, but in much dressier clothing and often in the evening.


In the age of TED Talks, the bar is set high for quality speakers and  Moderate The Panel  has some of the best. Diverse, international, confident, charismatic storytellers are just a click away.

Moderator Training

We can arrange virtual or face-to-face training sessions run by Moderate The Panel's most experienced facilitators. They will teach your team core skills needed to moderate well. These workshops are especially helpful if you run technical panel sessions and prefer to have all the moderating done in-house.

Panel Production

Outsource your panel production to us. Tell us what you want and we’ll take care of the panel planning, booking and execution.


Every event is unique, so we will put together a custom package that exactly suits your needs and budget. Please call or email us with details about your event. We look forward to working with you!

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