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5 Things a Moderator Won't Tell You (But You Need to Know)

Between you and me, great moderators are total superheroes backstage.

Here's what they're too modest to brag about:

1. We moonlight as therapists - Panicky speakers, last-minute snafus, tech gremlins - we've heard it all with a smile, and calmed more crises than you can imagine!

2. Our memory is graphic novel-worthy - Juggling 17 speaker bios, a non-linear agenda, impromptu polling questions - we don't miss a beat (even if our notes don't look like it).

3. We're event air traffic controllers - Seamlessly cueing mic handoffs, moving discussions along without pause looks effortless but takes mad stealth skills to choreograph.

4. We're polyglots - Reading a room of any culture or industry to ask just the right questions requires Olympic level communication talent.

5. Behind every great panel is... an even greater moderator. We happily toil in the wings so your event can take a well-deserved bow. You're very welcome!

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